Hot Water Repair & Replacement

Hot Water Repair & Replacement

There are three main models of hot water units, and with each the most common cause of hot water loss is corroded tanks or baffles. The life expectancy of hot water unit tanks varies however in normal conditions this occurs around ten to twelve years after the initial unit was fitted. In most cases the unit will require all or part of the unit to be replaced.

Storage Hot Water Units 

Gas storage units have a pilot flame continuously burning and with the use of a thermostat to ignite an element and heat the water in a storage tank above. 

In certain extreme weather conditions the pilot flame can blow out, if you are to re-ignite the unit follow the instructions carefully (these instructions are often on the back of the small removable panel at the bottom of the unit) and make sure you keep all body parts and your face away from the access penetration.

Hot Water Repair Services Western Australia
Hat Water Replacement Services Western Australia

Continuous Flow & Solar

Continuous Flow Units 

Continuous flow hot water units work off the principle of heating the water as water passes a flame and does not rely on the storage of or unnecessary heat of water. 

The unit size is by far the smallest and seen by many as the most efficient way to provide hot water in the family home.  Due to their compact size they allow easy access down narrow sides of the home and can even be recessed into the wall.

Solar Hot Water Units 

Solar hot water units rely on the sun as their main source of heating water within tanks, which are often mounted on the roof of the home. When the sun is not able to be relied upon such as in winter months and other times and electrical or gas booster takes over as an alternative energy source.  

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