Gas Appliance Service & Repair

Gas Appliance Service & Repair

Some gas appliances require regular service and these works should only be carried out by a quality licensed gas fitter. Incorrectly performed works or poorly maintained appliances are potentially dangerous.  

Unflued room heaters are recommended to undergo maintenance every two years, which includes the removal of flammable dust and fiber particles which build up and check correct and even gas flow through jets.  

Poorly flowing and unevenly proportioned gas distribution through hotplate burners, not only wastes gas, cooking times are often increased. Jets and perforated burners rings require maintenance. 

Armani Plumbing & Gas can carry out repairs and gas service to most gas appliances including the recommended annual room heater maintenance. For more information or service please call Armani Plumbing & Gas now on 0421 251 939.

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