Blocked Drains & Diversions

Blocked Drain Services

Blocked Drain & Diversions

Even with normal usage, over time foreign objects such a hair and the remnants of food scraps, tree roots, blocked drains, the effective removal will allow waste water to flow efficiently. 

Often over-looked are the free operation of insect flaps to external end of dry floor wastes. If these are not maintained there is a higher risk of flooding to the internal of the home as a result of an incidental overflow of basins, troughs, baths and burst pipes on washing machines. 

Each home should have at least one sewer overflow point; these are often located close to the home and have a loose grate fitted. We often see that children have removed the grate and drop sticks, sand and toys into the vertical shaft resulting in blockage of the sewer lines. 

Many older homes were not connected to a main sewer line and now that the minister sewer is being laid in many suburbs there may be an option to convert the old septic system to a more efficient system. 

Renovations and extensions may require sewer and other pipes to be redirected or relocated. Ask us how you can obtain an ‘As Constructed Sewer Plan’ to determine the location of any existing sewer. 

Armani Plumbing & Gas can locate and identify the cause of blockages, remove the blockages and even convert old septic systems to mains sewer or relocate sewer pipes. Contact us now on 0421 251 939.

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