Advice & Information

In the case of an emergency 

Remain calm and turn off the main water supply in the event of water leaks, such as burst pipes (the main water meter is likely located at the front of the property just inside the front boundary line). If a gas leak or suspected leak turn off the main lever within the gas meter box for natural gas and for LP Gas turn the knobs off at the top of the bottles. It may also be appropriate to turn off electricity at the main switch within the meterbox.

Move people and pets to a safe location and away from the affected area/s and in the event of immediate danger to person or property call emergency services and follow the direction of the trained operator.

Emergency Services Phone: 000


Water Wise 

Dripping taps, leaking water service connection, and constantly running toilets can result in thousands of litres of water being wasted each year. In most cases these can be remedied without the need to replace fixtures.



Saving Money

By replacing old storage hot water units with modern energy efficient five star units will not only save money it is better for the environment.



Avoid unwanted Fires

There are specific rules set in place to minimise the likelihood of fires from gas BBQs. Depending if your unit is rated domestic or commercial, a minimum vertical clearance of 1200mm to 1350mm must be maintained. In addition depending on ventilation and location a compliance commercial range hood may be required. 


Some gas appliances require regular service and these works should only be carried out by a qualified licensed gas fitter. Incorrectly performed works or poorly maintained appliances are potentially dangerous.



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